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The Jenny Burn is named after the Polmadie burn, once the Boundary for the Land of Polmadie, that flows down from the Malls Mire into the River Clyde, and for many years ran through Richmond Park. Locally the Burn is called 'Jenny's Burn'. There are number of possibilities as to where this name came from. One theory is that it may have been named after the lady of the house who lived at the Old Mill that was once situated on the burn.

As well as its namesake links to the nearby burn, the Jenny Burn establishment has another interesting historical connection to the area. The site of the pub is near to the spot where the Polmadie Mill once stood. The Mill was the scene of the execution of three men, historically known as the Polmadie Martyrs.

We celebrate the history of our location but these days our priority is ensuring that those visiting us enjoy a fantastic range of food and drinks in a relaxing, welcoming environment. Why not head over to the Jenny Burn and check out all we have to offer!

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About Our Food

You’ll find just what you want to on the menu, from tender grills to scrumptious burgers and comforting pub classics. Begin with generous sharer platters, and then choose from an irresistible array of goodies. We’re fussy about our food. It has to be spot on. Steaks are masterfully chargrilled and complimented by sides specifically designed to bring out their succulence and slightly sweet, smoky flavour. Pub classics so heart-warming you’ll be tempted to have them again and again!

We know sharing good food and drink with friends and family makes an ok day extra special…that’s what it means when we bring you all the things you love and more.

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